U-Turn Audio Orbit on Kickstarter

Back in August, we told you about the proposed $150 Orbit turntable from upstart U-Turn Audio. The company is now moving closer to making their dream a reality. And, if they can keep their promise of high-performance sound and construction, that reality will likely be a dream-come-true for many young and budget-minded music lovers.

U-Turn Audio is funding their project through Kickstarter and hopes to raise $60,000 by Monday, January 21, 2013. As I write, 90 backers have pledged $15,666. (Is that a multiple of 33.3?)

Visit U-Turn Audio's Kickstarter page for more info.

Some may argue that, even if U-Turn Audio reaches their goal, the company will face a difficult challenge in matching the performance of well-established entry-level turntables such as the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon ($399), Rega RP1 ($445), and Music Hall MMF-2.2 ($449), but I would argue that at just $150, the U-Turn Audio Orbit doesn’t have to compete with those models.

Don’t forget: To the person on a strictly limited budget, there is an enormous difference between $150 and $400. The U-Turn Audio Orbit, therefore, merely has to be better than the plastic USB turntables currently flooding the market. I think it stands a chance.

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If this sounds even half-decent, I could see it being perfect for college kids or really broke grad students. Most kids will probably have a crappy all-in-one bookshelf system or maybe and iPod doc with an aux in they couse use initially to get the general idea. That's a $250 cover charge. Not a crazy barrier to entry at all! Two words: gateway drug.

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The funding session ends Jan. 21, 2013 not 2014.

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Thank you. I've made the correction. (I think I made the mistake because we've been working on our 2013 issues for a while here at the magazine.)

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I think the turntable pictured has an upgraded platter. I wasn't able to tell which platter comes with the $150 model. Maybe MDF?

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........deleting my on topic post while letting your resident trolls ChrisS and Reagadude spew their crap on all the other threads on here. Pathetic much? yes you are Stereophile.

I suppose any criticism about a product, even if it isn't in production yet is a no no. Silly me for presuming I could speak about it unless I'm on the cheerleading squad.

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JohnnyR wrote:
Thanks for deleting my on topic post...

It wasn't on-topic, and you have been warned that when you post flames, I will delete them without notice. I have also today deleted similar posts by RegaDude and ChrisS.

John Atkinson

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I think their goal is a noble one and I applaud them.  However, a second hand Rega or Project is going to be major competition and more importantly they are a one trick pony.  I remember a company called Revolver in the 80's that came out with a very good and affordable turntable but that is all they made and couldn't compete with the likes of Rega who had diversified into other products.  I wish them well I really do but I wonder if the same might be at play here. 


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I don't know if the Orbit is "the motherlode" but any outfit who highlights the Pixies has more than a clue about how to present good music and I wish them well. (Don't try and work through the logic. Just go with it.)

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the price has risen to $179, and the warranty is alarmingly short at 90 days. the Pro-ject Debut Carbon at $399 with a 2 year warranty seems to be the much better option