TweekGeek and Knights of the Listening Room

The people from TweekGeek (“Funny Name, Serious Audio”) have a great thing going. They’re starting the Knights of the Listening Room, “a group of friends where audiophiles can share their audio systems…”

Knights of the Listening Room is a group of friends where audiophiles can share their audio systems and possibly an adult beverage or two with others who can appreciate the dedication that went into creating their systems, and the amazing sound of music that comes from them. You’ll have the opportunity to show off your system, share your passion and knowledge, and learn from others who hear your system from a new perspective. Most importantly, it’s an excuse to get together for good times with friends once a month.”

The monthly gatherings, which are similar to John DeVore’s Monkeyhaus Parties, are called Sound Bites, and they’ll take place at different locations, from hi-fi shops to members’ homes. The first Sound Bite will take place on Saturday, November 10th, 7pm, at Mike Garner’s home in Arvada, CO.

If you’d like to join the Knights of the Listening Room or host a Sound Bite in your own area, send an email to or call (888) 998-9335.

Outside the TweekGeek room, showgoers were invited to play their iPods through dedicated headphone listening stations. Inside the room, the main system offered a different, grander musical perspective: Vivid Audio K1 loudspeakers ($24,990/pair); Luxman C-800 preamp and M-800 power amp; Brinkmann Audio Balance turntable and phono stage; Bybee Stealth power conditioner; and Kubala-Sosna Emotion interconnects, speaker cables, and power cords.

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I didn't know that company was still making their snake oil. Oh well a fool and his money etc.

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Well Johnny, how about those enlargement pills you bought? Were those snake oil? 

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who scratched johnnys records and ruined his day ? go away, we're enjoying the show

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I just have one small correction.  The date is actually Saturday, November 10th, not 11th.  I accidentally gave Stephen the wrong date.  I never claimed perfection.  ;)  I'll leave that to the audio engineers.  I hope a lot of you can join us.  We're going to have a fantastic time!

Thanks for passing this on, Stephen! 

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Fixed it. Thanks for the correction, Mandy. Have a great time!