The Tweak Studio Presents Elac

Chicago retailer Tweak Studio has been a fixture at the 2013 shows, and proprietor Arnold Martinez was demming a system featuring Elac 249 Black Edition speakers ($8000/pair) driven by a Burmester 911 amplifier ($31,000), Esoteric C-03X preamplifier, Burmester A/D phono preamplifier ($26,500), and Music Hall MMF-11 turntable fitted with a Goldring Legacy cartridge ($600). Wiring was all WireWorld Platinum series and the racks was a Stillpoints. The L-shaped lobby-level room had problematic acoustics, which Martinez had addressed by firing the Elac speakers, with their AMT tweeter and distinctive faceted lower-frequency drivers, across a diagonal, A dub version of Bob Marley’s “Waiting In Vain,” played from LP, was musically convincing.

Tweak Studio sponsored sessions the first two nights of the show, featuring audio writer Michael Mercer as DJ.

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Was the record "Dreams of Freedom: Ambient Translations of Bob Marley in Dub"? If so, that's a track I truly trust to show off a systems capabilities. Also kudos to the diagonal setup, great solution for difficult rooms.

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Was the record "Dreams of Freedom: Ambient Translations of Bob Marley in Dub"?

I believe it was.

John Atkinson

Editor, Stereophile

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At shows, Jeff Joseph often sets up his Joseph Audio loudspeakers on a diagonal, again to address hotel room-related problems.