Turntable Set-Up Demystified

I have to hand it to Stereophile’s Michael Fremer (right), who also edits AnalogPlanet.com. The man has large attachments! I find cartridge set-up intimidating and I don’t even attempt it until I am in the “zone.” But Mikey does it in public with a video camera amplifying his every motion. At one point in one of his two packed 90-minute seminars at T.H.E. Show, he even picked up the VPI turntable he was working, provided by David Weinhart (left), founder/owner of Ambrosia Audio & Video and owner of Los Angeles retailer Weinhart Design, Inc., to rotate it with the stylus still resting in the groove so the video camera could get a better view! As I said, large attachments.

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Mikey rocks!  His two DVD's are excellent as well.  Let's face it, without him taking the lead in turntable setup education, many of the young folks would be lost on how to setup a TT.   He's lead the charge (or kept the flame alive...depending on your perspective) of the Vinyl resurgence. 

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There was an extended moment in one of Mikey's seminars where he could not pry one of the leads off the cartridge. I kept thinking, if only this were a Julia Child cooking show, and he could simply point the camera to the already-prepared next step. But since he couldn't, Mikey was the epitome of cool. "Don't lose patience," became his mantra. What a pro!

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I was there just left of the camera. Should have came in at the very beginning! What he said will help me. Especially when, I go over the data after I order my table. My preamp is in the mail. Very excited!!

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What can I say in the big church of analogue, except AMEN!

Educate the masses.

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I knew everything I heard in this seminar when I was 12 years old, (long time ago).

Theory is only one aspect of TT setup, you MUST POSSES the dexterity to accomplish it.

Every TT, arm and cart are different, plus the way they interact is different. Ain't no one size fits al for the best sound to be achieved.