Thorens' TD 203

To me, the most important issue surrounding the digital vs analog debate is not sound quality (each has their virtues). It is always the user interface: Must I use a keyboard, a remote, or a tonearm finger-lift? I love turntables, tonearms, and cartridges. I especially love them when they are inexpensive, beautiful, easy to use, come with a mounted and aligned Audio Technica cartridge and, amazingly, a uni-pivot tonearm like the new $999 Thorens TD-203 does. Fit and finish looked superb.

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I just picked up the Thorens TD-206 and it is outstanding. I think better than the Rega RP6. The tonearms are fantastic and the quality of the red finish is superb. Lovely sounds indeed. Hopefully, Michael Fremer can do a review.

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It's getting hard to keep up with all of your coverage of WAMM, but I like it, good job. I'm particularly interested in seeing this Thorens turntable reviewed. Their TD-160 with a Shure V-15 was my first good turntable. By the time it was stolen in the eighties, I had already made the transition to C.D.'s and I never replaced it. Now in 2015, I have a nice computer based digital front-end, but my record albums have been calling me from their place in the closet. I know that Rega, Pro-ject and Music Hall all make good, affordable turntables but I'd be interested in knowing how it compares with 'tables in the same price range. (and for that matter my old 160, which is still available reconditioned for around the same price)