Is there a time of day or night when you prefer to listen? Why?

Is there a time of day or night when you prefer to listen? Why?
Early morning
8% (17 votes)
Mid morning
2% (4 votes)
Around noon
1% (3 votes)
mid afternoon
2% (4 votes)
Early evening
11% (22 votes)
17% (34 votes)
Late Evening
37% (76 votes)
'Round midnight
22% (46 votes)
Total votes: 206

Have you ever noticed a time of day when your musical enjoyment seems to be consistently at its peak?

Craig's picture

It is not always convenient to stay up late, but generally my system has always sounded its best late at night or early in the morning. Haven't figured out if this is due to psychoacoustical factors, less trash in the A/C power, or just generally less ambient noise at those hours.

don't ask/don't tell's picture

I'm a night person. I prefer the soft light of my lamp to sunlight when listening, and I like to bother my nieghbors.'s picture

I get off work at midnight and love listening to music in the wee hours of the morning when the rest of the world is quiet. Music seems to sound so much better then.

Rick's picture

Everything just seems to sound better late at night. Now if only I didn't have to get up early!

Bicek Bruno,Slovenia's picture

I mostly listen to my CD player late at night (when there are no factorys, machines, or other noises distracting me). My 1000US$ CD player sounds like a 5000US$ machine then. Its DA converter works much, much better then. The sound is stunning, but you must be careful that you listen at moderate levels—I live in a flat.

al marcy's picture

Now is good for me.

ted betley's picture

Either ealy am or late night .

ThadAerts's picture

Late night, because that's when my wife and two daughters are in bed and I can listen to what I want. The problem is, I can't listen all that loud, but that's OK.

Mike H.'s picture

Some evenings, my wife and I will listen to opera. I also enjoy listening to new music purchases on Saturday morning with my daughter. I usually don't have time for more "critical" listening until the late evening when everyone's in bed, except me.

samtellig's picture

Early morning, when I need Haydn, Handel, or Mozart to start the day. No music written after 1800 before noon.

James's picture

A listening session after my family goes to sleep is the perfect conclusion to the day.

Keiji Nakayama, Tokyo's picture

I like to listen right when I wake up and am having my morning tea. My ears are rested and I can hear all the details in the music.

Chris S.'s picture

I like to listen right after work. If I drive fast enough I can beat the neighbors home, so I don't have to worry about bothering them. I really prefer to listen without the distraction of worrying about whether I am annoying them.

Ralph Shideler's picture

My way to "wrap up" the day!

Adam's picture

once it's dark outside

G.  Smith's picture

During commute hours, I get a large degree of relaxation and satisfaction from music after work.

lord_coz's picture

whenever I can!

Geordy Duncan's picture

Early evening seems to be most enjoyable for me. It's nice to sit down and relax after a long days work and soak up the fine sounds of a well recorded piece.

Joe Hartmann's picture

Any time When there are few other noises to distract from my focus. Since I am an early morning person most of my serious listening is done prior to 6:00 am

JR's picture

Oh, the joys of working at home! I listen to my main system all through the day, time and work schedule permitting. That keeps the system warmed-up and ready for what I consider the best time to do really serious listening—midnight to 2:00am.

dale Bumann's picture

I would prefer early morning, since I fall asleep in the evening, but the wife factor negates that—if I were single, it'd be on 24/7.

Joe's picture

While I can still keep my eyes open!! :-)

Danny L.  Lu's picture

Listening really late at night offers me complete silence around my neighborhood. I like to listen to my classical collection during between 12:00-3:00am. During that time, the same volume seems to be louder. That's when I turn up my gears and enjoy the music with total silence as background.

Ren's picture

Mid afternoon is the only time I have the house to myself&#151when I can sit down in the sweet spot and turn the volume to the level appropriate for the recording. Also I work evenings, driving a city bus with a continuous noise-level in the high 80dB with peaks over 105db, so even though I use my dB blocker, my hearing is shot until the next day.

John Atkinson's picture

Late evening for musical enjoyment, but for critical review listening, 7-9am are my best hours!

doowight's picture

Late at night, after a few puffs of something Clinton wouldn't inhale, nothing sounds better than some mellow Miles or Coltrane.

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Eric Fleming's picture

That's when all of the external sounds are deadend and all but the quietest of sounds can be heard.

dick carney's picture

after a hard day there is nothing more relaxing than listening to music in the evening

Stephen Curling's picture

When the Sun's away, the music will play. It's easier to listen to music when there's very very little, if any, light.