Is there an audio manufacturer's website you particularly like? Why?

Researching audio products not only involves listening, but these days can include a bit of web work. Is there an audio manufacturer's website you particularly like? Why?

Is there an audio manufacturer's website you particularly like? Why?
Here it is
84% (63 votes)
Don't have one
16% (12 votes)
Total votes: 75

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I particularly enjoy the website. I've always admired Joe Grado and his innovations; now, John Grado (who I've had the privilege of dining with on numerous occasions) has been passed the torch and continues the fine tradition of Grado craftsmanship and quality. The website is informational, well laid-out, and fun to browse.

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Dynaudio. I am a spec nut and enjoy reading and comparing the numbers. The Danes are good at that.

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When recently deciding on a new MC cartridge, I found the Ortofon website to be very helpful. It had a full list of products, and plenty of information on each. The usefulness of websites of local distributors and dealers should also not be underestimated.'s picture

It use to be, but the site is now closed. Not only did he discuss his products, but talked about music as well.

EP's picture is a great website. It seems like it was truly designed to accomodate accessors. Very easy to find current and classic components and tech support. Still has access link to Tower records! The site actually resembles an audio component. Pretty neat!

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Klipsch. I enjoy the forums.

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PS Audio's site is pretty good. You can ask or find answers to questions you or others may have had in the forums. Also, they will respond directly to questions posted there.

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The Bryston website publishes newletters throughout the year that are informative and educational. I'd say they are usually fun to read except for those occasions when I get to the end of the page and realize I don't know what I've just read.

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McIntosh has done a good job of providing information that a consumer can use. Cardas does a decent job but could provide cross-sections of each cable. Ayre could show pictures of the black option on thier equipment. Everyone could stand a little improvement at the end of the day.

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Sony's fancy schmancy deluxe is fun, or was. Richard VanHelsing's speaker site is good.

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Conrad-Johnson. The navigation buttons on the site are just like the ones on their preamps. Extra cool, IMHO.

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Naim It has everything, including links to distributors, operating manuals, pricing (via distributors), a huge forum, and juicy pictures galore! It's like porn for audio geeks.'s picture Music should be fun.

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Slim Devices. Lots of help and useful information about their products through the Wikis and forums. More than just a marketing site. And the quote from Thomas Jefferson is a nice plus.

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Salk sound has cool galleries of custom speakers.

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Manley Labs. Why? Well, probably because it's a bit weird. (Nice weird, not bad weird.) And, it's got an eclectic bunch of photos and links, too.

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Audio Research Corp., they fought the good fight when others gave up!

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Audio Physics. They have a really good interactive site about speakerplacement. The information about their products is also good.

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McIntosh Labs, well organized, informative, and fast. It has everything regarding their equipment.

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While not a manufacturer, this site is the best place to start that I know of. The Links are a great resource.

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Manley Labs.

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manleylabs. Cheerful, informative, customer careful.

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Audio Research and Transparent Cable.

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Manley Labs has a pretty hip web site. I really enjoy the outrageous humor on the FAQs page. It's down-to-earth, and they don't take themselves too seriously.

K.  Baker's picture—because of the great (classic) products shown and the love with which they are (re)built and serviced.