Is there an audio company that offers exceptional customer support? Who are they and what do they do?

Some manufacturers just sell you a product through their retailers and are done with it. Others reach out and make you feel part of an extended family. Is there an audio company that offers exceptional customer support? Who are they and what do they do?

Is there an audio company that offers exceptional customer support? Who are they and what do they do?
Yes, my audio hero is . . .
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Can't think of one
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Actually, two here. First off, McIntosh has through the years offered me a level of service that has kept me a customer. Second, a recent addition and probably the next evolution of my pre and main amplification as budget permits: Ayre, I have only so far purchased a C-5xe CDP, but they have been awesome and their equipment rivals or exceeds their level of customer care.

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Audio Research suports every product they have ever made. Repairs and upgrades are available for everything. What more could you ask for? Magneplanar comes very close. They don't support some of their earlier products—although some of them are more than 30-years-old, so I kind of understand.

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McIntosh...had several problems seting up my system. And they answered me within one hour via email. I consider this exceptional service, since other requests from various manufacturers have had a response time from one day on to never!

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The late Denys Trickett of the Curiousity shop that the used to run in Glen Street in London. He started me collecting Leak.

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PS Audio was real good to me. Had a problem with my P300 and they had it fixed very quickly. Also, had a problem with the end on a power cord and Paul sent me a brand new one (new model) and didn't even ask for the old one back (so I fixed it and used it). That's above and beyond the call of duty, in my book.

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I really think MartinLogan provides exceptional service. They offered plenty of great advice to get the speakers positioned in my room.

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McIntosh fixes everything they ever sold—Klipsch, too.

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Yes, I work for such an audio company. We make horn loudspeakers and we're fantastic. We're called Toot-Your-Own-Horn, Inc. (Wink-wink, nudge-nudge)

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I haven't had enough problems to ever have used their customer support.

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Bryston without a doubt. James Tanner and his guys provide unbeatable customer service, other companies should learn from them

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Parasound. Great customer service.

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Axiom Audio, makes affodable high quality speakers in Canada.. And what do they do? Everything possible ;)

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Gayle Sanders, MartinLogan guru, I bought a pair at an estate sale with one blown woofer. From the girl who answered the phone to the technicians, Jeff and Jim, they were just the greatest! Of course, I was freaking out when they sounded so poor—but they were just super people!

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Thiel and Bryston, with warranties that match the talk. Bryston service has always been fast and correct. Ditto Thiel.

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MartinLogan all the way. Words can not say how fantastic Jim Power from the service department is at what he does. To start with, the product itself is fantastic. The service to go with it tops it off—from little niggling questions about the product to help through disasters, the company is there.

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I haven't dealt with any so far. I can say I haven't been impressed with VPI so far...

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Audio Research Corp., They can, and will, fix anything they have made. What they do make is high-end, and industrial quality.

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Audio Research. Impecablle customer service and support. You get the feeling that they care and want to do the right thing.

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Thiel. Customer support.

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My dealings with Conrad-Johnson have been nothing less than delightful. When I had to call them after a friend blew out my preamp via a particularly daft act, my contacts there were professional, but also friendly. What makes the experience even better is that this is from the owner of a dealer demo PV-10A, which is about as far from their top of the line as it gets. Finally, their website, especially the "classic products" sections with tube diagrams, etc, shows their commitment to all of their products, both new and old.

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Audio Research

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I have a habit of killing audio companies. Once I buy from them they die. Melos, Golden Tube, Fried, McCormack, Oracle—all gone (although the last three came back). Any manufacturers want to pay me to stay away? I'm shopping preamps and amps.

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Krell has customer service in spades! They have always gone over and beyond what I had expected. Repairs were always done perfectly and usually include more than I was actually charged for. My hat goes off especially to Steve Leckrone, who not only provides expertise, but also a personal touch. I have owned Krell for many, many years, for two reasons: A great product and great service. (On occasion, even the president, Dan D'Agostino, has worked with me) Thanks, Krell

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Louis at Omega-- great guy and ever so ernest! A previous owner really screwed up my speakers and Louis went way out of his way to fix'em up per spec. He really cares about his products' reputation and his customers' satisfaction.

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Bryston. REAL 20 years warranty!

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McIntosh. Buying a piece of gear is like joining a fraternity. They even post the email addresses of their key employees on their website! Talk about accessible!

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I haven't had experience with a ton of companys, but two off the top of my head come to mind, Rogue and Musical Fidelity. Every time I have had a question or problem, the Rogue staff is there for me without fail. And, Musical Fidelity's repair facility did a very bold thing by repairing a DAC that they could have refused, on their dime. They were very helpful and the unit works great now. For both companies, I say, what more can you ask for?

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Polk Audio.