T+A PDP 3000 HV CD/SACD player with DSD/PCM DAC

There's been some back and forth on AudioStream.com and other forums about how to best play back DSD and PCM, with some finding that having a single digital section converting both formats is less than optimal.

T+A decided that in order to do both formats justice in a single product, they would have to create completely independent decoding and analog output sections (including two sets of analog output jacks on the back!). The result is a design that the company believes is a unique and "fully optimized approach to the decoding of both PCM and DSD."

Resolutions up to 32/384 PCM and DSD 512 are supported via USB (good luck finding files at the higher rates) and there is a full complement of other digital inputs. Not only are there separate sets of jacks and dedicated filters for PCM and DSD, there are also two AC jacks on the back, one for digital and the other for analog circuitry.

Price for the PDP 3000 is $20k, which though not small change, seems a relative bargain for something built and thought-out this well. And if you truly want to compare DSD and PCM (and have the proper comparable masters for each format), this may be the product to do it with.