T+A's lively and energetic Jochen Fabricius was eager to fill me in on the new, 3-way, 183 lb, $55,000/pair T+A CWT 1000-8 SE floorstander. This speaker uses a 25" by 2" electrostatic line tweeter that covers the frequency range from 2kHz to 40kHz. The midrange is handled by eight 4" drivers while the sealed bass enclosure houses four 8" woofers, each with a gigantic motor structure, an extremely stiff cone, ultra-long linear excursion, and a low resonant frequency. Two woofers are positioned at each side of the loudspeaker.

I was most impressed by these 53"-tall loudspeakers. I didn't have adequate time to evaluate them, but the short time I was in the room, the sonics were clean and had impressive dynamics.