T+A Amplifiers

T+A's entire HV range was the epitome of sleek and sexy. I was particularly impressed with physical architecture, even beneath the skin, as there is a casework frame of solid aluminum plates, screwed together. The plates form sealed chambers to de-couple and shield all sub-assemblies from each other. External case parts are up to 40mm thick!

The 84 lb, dual-mono PA 3000 HV power amp ($18,500) can be used as a stereo or mono amp with output rated at 300Wpc (8 ohms) and 500Wpc (4 ohms) with mono operation bumping those numbers by more than 20%. More interesting is the power bandwidth of 1Hz–150kHz and each output channel can deliver more than 60A of current. Need more? Connect the PS 3000 HV ($12,500) to power the amp's output stages with twice the reservoir capacity and the amp's internal supply will drive only its input stages.