Super Duper Rescue Heads

What the world needs now:

“Super Duper Rescue Heads,” from Deerhoof’s latest album, Deerhoof vs. Evil, available now from Polyvinyl.

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I don't understand why you be dissing Rebecca Black and "Friday," Stephen, if you like this piece of pop confectionery.
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Whoa. Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa. There's good pop and then there's shit. This is the good stuff.
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Stephen come on I love their stuff especially on mixes for contrasts and such. But this is a band that is an acquired taste.

Its not like your posting up a Vampire Weekend sugar-pop-easy to take West Side Soweto tune.

If you have not heard a few tunes by this band the video can give you the impression of confection.

You should have expected at least a couple of negative responses.

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I understand negative responses, but I didn't expect John Atkinson to compare what's-her-name overnight sensation, to Deerhoof, a band that's been releasing innovative work since 1994. That was the surprise of the day.
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This was actually quite an amazing little guilty pleasure. I imagine if the Boris gang had a secret little side gig, it might be this. Thanks!

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... of Boris and Bjork!

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Some of its just weird over the top confrontational almost like different songs in the right and left channel for one example that they did.

Other times and in my opinion most notably it can be a real whimsical antidote to the seriousness of a lot of music. Sometimes it really helps to be silly. I own a couple of tracks off of Apple 'O and other albums they did but the Apple 'O stuff hit me that is the one that went on my to-buy list. Pay $6 dollars to download songs to check out a band when I am going to just buy a used CD that is going to cost me like $5 with shipping.

Now that is silly.