GoldenEar's New T66 Loudspeaker

Welcome to the first GoldenEar loudspeaker completely redesigned by AudioQuest since the cable company bought the speaker company. Re-envisioned and realized by a US/Canadian team headed by Garth Powell, the T66 ($6900/pair in black or $7200/pair in red) will hopefully become available in either August or September. It contains a folded-ribbon AMT tweeter, two MVPP, cast-basket, passive midrange drivers, and two active long-throw, DSP-controlled oval subwoofers powered by 1200W class-D amplifiers. Passive quadratic planar radiators are located on each side of the speaker. It goes without saying that internal wiring is by AudioQuest.

Even the T66's cast base and feet have been redesigned. The crossover utilizes proprietary parts from AudioQuest's Niagara series, the sealed enclosures for the midrange and tweeter drivers are now lined with cotton and wool, the new perforated metal grilles are intended to remain in place during playback. The speaker is voiced to be flat (neutral), and is said to be more forgiving than some, allowing you to listen to less than topnotch recordings without wincing.