Stereophile's Products of 2023 Accessory of the Year

Accessory of the Year

($280; reviewed by Michael Trei in Vol.46 No.6 review)

Finalists (in alphabetical order)
Benchmark Studio&Stage Loudspeaker Cable ($188/pair; reviewed By John Atkinson in Vol.46 No.3 review)
Herbie's Way Excellent II Turntable Mat ($88; reviewed by Herb Reichert in Vol.45 No.12 & Michael Trei in Vol.46 No.9 review)
Nessie VinylCleaner Pro Plus+ Record-Cleaning Machine ($2495; reviewed by Julie Mullins in Vol.46 No.4 review)
Timerette Stylus Timer ($130; reviewed by Michael Trei in Vol.46 No.9 review)

As is always the case in this category, a mixed bunch of accessories were nominated. But perhaps reflecting its usefulness in checking a turntable's rotational speed accuracy, the Shaknspin2 got the nod. The Shaknspin2 allows the user to check speed in real time and wow & flutter, and promises more accurate results and a more streamlined calibration procedure than the original version, which was favorably reviewed by Michael Fremer in September 2021. Michael Trei found that the on-screen display gave him everything he needed. He brought the Shaknspin2 to several of his turntable setup jobs and found it easier to use and more accurate than relying on a strobe disc. "The Shaknspin2 is a dedicated tool with better calibration features, more precise positioning, and more accurate and detailed results" is how he summed up his review.

Notes on the vote
The vote tally was closest in this category, perhaps due to the fact that the final five products had nothing in common. But the Shaknspin2 edged out the Nessie record cleaner (a Julie Mullins choice) and the Benchmark speaker cables (Kal Rubinson's and my choice) for first place.