SOTA's $800 Moonbeam

John Atkinson told me I should go see SOTA’s Donna Bodinet, so I did, and this is what I found: SOTA’s Series II Moonbeam turntable ($800 with S100 tonearm and Ortofon OM5E phono cartridge). The Moonbean features a platter and subplatter of high-density polymer, has a self-lubricating Turcite bearing cup, and a 24-pole synchronous motor. It weighs a solid 18 lbs.

Custom wood finishes add $100, but I think the Moonbeam is beautiful exactly as it is. (Gah: I sound like a pop song. Swoon.)

I suspect the Moonbeam can handle a higher-quality cartridge than the stock OM5E. To that end, Bodinet explained that SOTA will mount and align the cartridge of your choice, so long as you purchase it through SOTA. The Moonbeam, like all SOTA turntables, is made in the USA and comes with a lifetime trade-in guarantee, so your investment is secure and you can upgrade as you see fit.


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Only as good as long as the company is in business. Yeah SOTA has been around a long time but so were a lot of other well known brands........till they weren't.

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Well Johnny, a meteor could also wipe all life off of the planet... 

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Ha, ha, ha!

I'd take my chances with the meteor, already dodged one when I was a kid. It flew by and came down so close to my brother and I, I could smell it. Never forget that smell, like molten iron slag as it lite up the night sky with fire. Another nice Sota!

Happy Listening! ;^)>

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Very good value and yes they have been around for a while and Donna of SOTA has very good customer service. Tweak Studio can also back up their customer service at

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I have this turntable . The table itself is good but has some slight issues. The belt slips off during 45 function. It really does need a brace under the tonearm the woods a bit soft. Now the tonearm is complete garbage and no way they are using Regas distances . Its closer to a Linn mount. They are rude people and will never admit a mistake. I placed a Rega 202 on it and had to push the cart all the back to get some sort of correct alignment. SOTA of course was no help in the matter. The difference between their alignment and mine is stunning.