Sonus Faber's Aïda

Not being fully up on the names of the various Sonus Faber speakers, I asked one of the reps the name of the giants on demo. "Ida" was his answer. Come again? "Ida! Sonus Faber gives their speakers names that have a musical connection, like the titles of operas." But how could that be? The only remotely relevant opera connection that I'm aware of for "Ida" is Gilbert & Sullivan's "Princess Ida," and somehow I doubt if the Italian designers of Sonus Faber speakers would name the speaker after this not-all-that-popular English operetta.

And then I got it. The speaker was named after Aïda, pronounced "eye-ee-duh," the well-know opera by Verdi. I guess the rep was not an opera fan.

With that out of the way, I was able to enjoy the Aïdas ($130,000/pair), driven by four Simaudio 880M monoblocks ($21,000 each). Paradoxically, they did not sound like giant speakers—which I think of as a positive trait, and difficult to accomplish, especially when the speaker has multiple drivers, front and back, like the Aïda.

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I saw a pair of these at a dealer recently. Is it just me or has Sonus Faber gone a bit 'bling' now, they seem to have lost that understated elegance that was their hallmark. Seemed to happen when they changed ownership. Pity. 

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How many Scanspeak drivers can they fit in this?

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I suppose, before she became a slave, that Aida had multiple drivers, front and back...

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   Ida? Funny and sad at the same time. I guess the speaker's rep don't have a clue about operas.

    I've never seen Aida but I do know about it. But will certainly do next time the Met Opera play at the Linclon Center again.

     Maybe Sonus Faber should give him a bit of "Opera 101" .... well afterall he is trying to sell you a pair of $130K speaker right? 




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Hi! I was at the show this system cost 500 000$ i can tell you, it doesnt worth that!  The raido with the jeff rowland was far superior! ;)