People Watching at the Coup de Foudre Party

One of the by-invitation-only events of SSI is the party held by Montreal high-end retailer Coup de Foudre—the invitees being personnel of their suppliers and the media. This year's CDF party followed their usual formula of good food and drink and genial hosting by Graeme Humfrey and Jennifer Cytrynbaum. Who are the people in this picture? OK, I'll start naming the ones I know. That's Gerard Rejskind of UHF Magazine in the approximate center, next to the right (Gerard's left), Philip O'Hanlon of On A Higher Note, and the tall fellow with the scarf is John DeVore of DeVore Fidelity. Do you know any others?

The charming Jennifer Cytrynbaum.

Graeme Humfrey in his mixing studio.

Recipients of the 2013 Lifetime Achievement Awards, Brian Russell and Angie Lisi .

Lionel Goodfield of Simaudio (left) and Stereophile Publisher Keith Pray (right).