Some Good Schiit

Jason Stoddard and Rina Slayter presented a row of Schiit headphone amplifiers—Asgard ($249), Valhalla ($349), and Lyr ($449)—along with the Bifrost DAC ($449, with “buzzword-friendly” asynchronous USB input; $349, without USB input).

Schiit products are made in the US. Stoddard, responsible for the elegant casework and analog circuitry, explained that he keeps the designs super simple. Slayter is the “production master and head of operations.” On the Schiit website, you’ll find a picture of her preparing a chassis for assembly. All Schiit products must also pass her final listening tests. Mike Moffat, formerly of Theta, is responsible for the digital circuitry.

I listened through the Asgard to a track by Mark Hollis’s Talk Talk. The music and sound were lovely—smooth, easy, and entirely involving.

wgb113's picture

Love this company.  Jumped in with their Valhalla tube headphone amp when it was first released and am awaiting their "statement" DAC in early 2012.    Also picked up an Asgard for my brother for Christmas last year.  Build and sound quality are terrific and they're made in the USA of mostly American products to boot!

Jason, Mike, Rina and the rest of the gang prove that it CAN be done!