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Sidebar 1: Associated Equipment

The principal equipment used with the Snell system consisted of a Denon LA 3500 laserdisc/CD player, Proceed PAV surround-sound preamplifier, and Proceed AMP 2 and AMP 3 amplifiers. An NAD 208 amplifier was used to drive the two subwoofers, with one channel driving each of the two subs. A Mark Levinson No.36 was also used briefly as a D/A converter in the system, with a Rowland Consummate preamp, and Proceed AMP 2 amplifier, late in the review period with the arrival of the new Pioneer CLD-D704 laserdisc player. The latter could feed the No.36 from a coaxial digital output (the Denon has TosLink only). Cabling consisted of Monster M1500 interconnects and Monster THX loudspeaker cables. In the audio/video setup, the Snell system was mono-wired, not biwired.—Thomas J. Norton

Snell Multimedia
Brand no longer in existence (2010)

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I assume that the Sub's response of "17Hz–80Hz ±2dB" is due to an internal crossover within the Sub? The external crossover does not seem to cover the sub(s), and I double the 18" driver has nature HF fade that matches exactly with the rest of the system. Thanks.