September Song

"The days grow short when you reach September," sang Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett, but not so short that you won't have time to enjoy our September issue, which hits newsstands, mailboxes, and tablets this week. Technologies vintage and modern are featured, with Ken Micallef's review of the Music Hall MMF-7.3 turntable and Jim Austin's interview and MQA's Spencer Chrislu taking pride of place on the cover. And there is more on MQA inside, with John Atkinson writing about his listening comparisons between MQA-encoded files and the hi-rez PCM originals.

And there's more: reviews of the revitalized Audio Alchemy's DPA-1M amplifier; the reinvented Thiel Audio's TT1 loudspeaker; Ortofon's revived SPU cartridges; AudioQuest's new DragonFly Red and Black; Moon by Simaudio's affordable Neo 230HAD D/A headphone amplifier; and JL Audio's affordable E-Sub e110 subwoofer. We guarantee these precious days you'll spend with Stereophile.

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Do all the reviews in the magazine make it to the web site, or do some remain exclusive?

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fetuso wrote:
Do all the reviews in the magazine make it to the web site, or do some remain exclusive?

All the full equipment reports are reprinted on the website, after a delay of 1-3 weeks. The same applies to our monthly columns, other than "Analog Corner," which we have started posting to our website. Other than "Recording of the Month," our record reviews are not reprinted on the site.

John Atkinson
Editor, Stereophile

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Walter Huston is the performer who should be uttered in regard to this classic song. This is rather like mentioning Judy Collins instead of Glynis Johns when making reference to "Send in the Clowns."