Sensorium AVR

As Jason Victor Serinus mentioned, there was a party going on in the Music Hall room; and, while this meant that you really couldn’t evaluate the sound of the system, it also meant that you were bound to actually have fun.

Hmm: Evaluate sound or have fun, evaluate sound or have fun?

Oh, darn. I guess I’ll have fun.

While in the Music Hall room, it occurred to me that, instead of roaming around the entire RMAF looking for stories, I could have spent my entire time with the company’s Roy Hall and Leland Leard and simply waited as the stories came to me.

It was in the Music Hall room, for instance, that I met Elva Shkreli and Sensorium AVR’s Bryan Bilgore.

Bilgore has opened a new Manhattan showroom that aims to place hi-fi in its most attractive light, demonstrating high-performance luxury components that not only sound good but that also look good. Shkreli, a fashion designer, agrees that hi-fi should characterize a total way of life: A bit of the time and effort we put into our systems should be put into everything we do, so that our lives not merely revolve around high-fidelity, but exude high-quality.

To arrange an appointment with Bilgore, or for more information, call (212) 246-9308.