Sennheiser's "Headphone of the Month"

Today, Sennheiser announced that the HD 515 ($129.95), a classic circumaural design, is the company’s “Headphone of the Month” for March 2011.

Sennheiser’s “Headphone of the Month” is a monthly promotion designed to encourage music lovers to experience the authentic sound of Sennheiser.

Customers who purchase an HD 515 headphone from an authorized Sennheiser dealer during the month of March can receive a free pair of Sennheiser OMX 60 earbuds. During January’s 2011 Consumer Electronics Show, I stopped for a bit to listen to the HD 515; despite its size, I found the HD 515 to be very comfortable and easy on my head, while the sound was just as easy on my ears.

For more specs on the HD 515 and information on the promotion, visit the “Headphone of the Month” website.

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...and no shipping at one of their authorized dealers, Amazon. I didn't check the others.

These are being blown out. According to Amazon they are replaced by the HD518.