The San Diego Music and Audio Guild

The sign says:

The San Diego Music and Audio Guild is titled the way it is because our main focus is on music rather than audio equipment.

We believe that equipment can never provide much more than a photograph of the musical event and we strive to attend as many live performances as possible.

Nonetheless, some photographs are better than others and the improvement is often predicated more on the skill and knowledge of the producer than the cost of the product.

We endeavor to bring those improvements to light and to provide information to maximize the potential of any member’s system.

Other than that, we just like to socialize and drink beer.

I like everything about that. If I had had more time, I would have spent it in here. Best Sound of T.H.E. Show: Laughter, and the tinkling of beer bottles.

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Great point! most of my young friends won't even come near the hifi scene cause of all the extremely over priced gear. The prices have been inflated...When truly inovative companies bring unique technical designs to market that are not overly exagerated in price- this is what I look for.

young technically minded audiophiles,

Outrageuous audio gear is fun in small doses!