Room Tuning Techniques

Your room is the most important part of your overall sound quality,” said Anthony Grimani of MSR Acoustics, who gave two well-attended lectures at T.H.E.Show showing how room acoustics problems can be tamed. “Come learn how to use absorption, diffusion, bass filters and traps to enhance your room’s acoustics and get the best from your system.”

MSR was also showing The Merryl Jaye Collection from their Living Sound line of acoustical art panels in the Hilton’s Crystal Ballroom Foyer. Living Sound panels combine high resolution art reproductions with an acoustical control function.

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Any chance of getting the talk posted here?

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I want to thank Anthony Grimani for, perhaps, saving my life, and, for certain, saving me from major harm. Unbeknownst to Stereophile readers, last fall, I was scheduled to cover a big multi-system demo at Century Stereo in San Jose. As I was exiting the McIntosh demo, I walked smack into a heavy plate glass door.

"What was that?" I muttered, as I stumbled out of the room. Immediately, Anthony, who was present to conduct demos in another room, grabbed me, sat me down, and began rubbing my back and talking to me quietly. I didn't know what was going on until, after losing and regaining consciousness twice, I discovered blood all over my clothes and the floor.

Through the entire ordeal, until the ambulance (!) arrived to take me to the Emergency Room, Anthony stayed with me, talking calmly and reassuringly. The man is a prince. I wouldn't just trust him with my room acoustics; I'd trust him with my life. 

Thank you, dear man. I am extremely grateful for your being.


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I wonder what Anthony Grimani would say about the Synergistic Research acoustic treatments?  You have to wonder about professionals in this field with actual scientific knowledge that have to grin and bear it when huckers are selling tin cups for thousands of dollars next door.

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there has to be SO many recording studios using the Acoustic Art system since it is SO fantastic. Anyone want to fill us all in on those that do, Anyone? 

What's that?  Oh I guess the list would be a big fat ZERO cheeky

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Come one, come all! See Dr. Psycho-Georgie display his fantastic intellectual powers!

Come and be awed!

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You claim it is George and myself acting out , yet you are the one that posts comment after comment like the one above. Please act like an adult if that's possible. you might find it amusing but no one else does. I take it then that you possess the Acoustic Art components and can tell us of recording studios that use them?  If not then I question why you think George should not have asked. Please enlighten us all.

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In Russia, does rudeness pass for normal behaviour?

(Hint: You guys always answer your own questions, look up "rhetorical question")

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In Russia, does perseveration also pass for normal behavior?

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Knowing your culture helps us to understand why you think the way you do, your use of the English language, and why you don't understand our references to "The Big Bang Theory" and "The Sound of Music"...

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If you seriously don't have anything to say about the Acoustic Art magic bowls or Anthony Grimani of MSR Acoustics then how about butting out and going to find something esle to do.

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Insulted by James Bond, Sheldon and the von Trapp Family?

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