Roksan's K3 Integrated Amp

In my review of the Roksan K2 BT integrated amplifier last November I made it especially clear that I enjoyed the way this amp played the earthbound"'roots" type music I love. It played my Bartok and Stockhausen equally well. In fact, the K2 BT is still the amp I use when I am not reviewing and I am just listening for my own simple enjoyment. I am a Roksan fan . . . But!! I also suggested that maybe I liked the way it played music more than how it looked in my "fashionable" Bed=Sty man cave.

Well, the newly styled Roksan K3 integrated amp ($2500 with aptX streaming), the K3 CD player ($2500, which I am dying to review), and the soon-to-be-released K3 DAC ($2500) are so art-deco cool and artfully streamlined in their appearance that I was both gob-smacked and envious of the person who drew the lines that created these elegant faceplates. This new Roksan design looks like it will fit quite nicely into some sophisticated Upper East-Side art collector's apartment. Bravo Roksan!

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Love Roksan gear even though don't own any....have come close. I would love for Stereophile to one day review the latest Xerxes, this is the only Roksan product I came within an inch of purchasing years ago. Only through Maggies and Bryston electronics it was bested by the LP12 which I purchased, but I still longingly look at them every-time I see them in the flesh. I am glad they are thriving even though Tourraj left them years ago.

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I'm a huge Roksan fan and really enjoyed your review of the K2 BT! I own a Roksan KA-1 Integrated and love it! I don't know how it can get any better with all of it's energy, detail and rhythmic drive! Looking forward to your K3 review and glad to see Roksan back in the states!

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When are you going to review the Roksan K3 integrated amplifier and their new K3 CD Di CD player and DAC? I hope soon as I'm looking forward to it!