ReQuest The Beast Music Server

Unfortunately The Beast was not in their room when I visited MSB, and only showed up later, so I asked MSB's Vince Galbo to send me some photos. MSB is the North American distributor for the Swiss-built The Beast.

Galbo says that The Beast is an an effort to provide an "ultra premium" music server with software geared towards especially difficult categories and sub categories relating to classical music. He says for example that users can can drill down and differentiate the same conductor, the same orchestra, the same composer, the same music piece, on different dates, etc. Storage is reported to be unlimited.

MSB says it is a "technology partner" producing the internal DAC board to provide good quality analog outputs. The Beast also has MSB’s Pro I2S connection for use with MSB DACs. Although I didn't see it in person, Galbo tells me the build quality of the chassis is obsessive with "fit and finish that is so tight screws are almost not needed".

Price is $39,500 and The Beast is available now.