Register to Win Rega’s RP1 turntable and Fono Mini A2D phono preamp

When I started writing “The Entry Level,” my column on truly affordable hi-fi gear, I knew that the first turntable I’d feature would be the Rega RP1 ($445). In our February 2011 issue, I decided that the RP1 “looks good, is easy to set up, and plays records like it means it.”

I still feel that way, but, if you’d like a second opinion, Art Dudley provided a complete equipment report in our May 2011 issue. Art concluded, “[The RP1 is] well-made, attractive, apparently durable, and demonstrably superior to any other self-standing audio source at its price. Perhaps best of all, the RP-1 is easy to own and to use. It’s not just that I can’t imagine $445 buying more happiness; I can’t imagine so modest an investment in money and effort buying more music.”

In short, the Rega RP1 is an awesome and easy way to quickly get into vinyl.

Now, thanks to AnalogPlanet and Music Direct, you have a chance to win a Rega RP1. All you have to do is go over to AnalogPlanet and register. The winner will also receive Rega’s cool, new Fono Mini A2D phono preamp ($175). Combined with the RP1, the Fono Mini A2D will allow you to play your LPs and transfer them into your computer.

Go for it. Good luck!

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To quote Ron "Tater Salad" White..."Pick Me...Pick Me...Pick Me!"

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So of course, I kindly request that you pick me!


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The only way my day could get better is if I win.  

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Nevermind ... pretend I said nothing.

This thing's got a tomearm nicer than the Jelco-sourcced ST-250 oem that came on my ol' SOTA Comet (and many others ... ).

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This would be great.

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This is an sweepstakes.  Comments here don't count!

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Pick me please

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New rule: If you leave a comment here, rather than at AnalogPlanet, you automatically lose.

; )

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Stephen - I think we have some masochists among our readers.

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Would love this. 

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I need this ... you have no idea~