Record Store Day 2011

Oh, damn: Record Store Day is this Saturday, April 16th, and I won’t be able to participate. I’ll be in Atlanta, covering Axpona, but, if you’re free, you should definitely make a trip to your local independent record store and enjoy the festivities. As we all know, many record stores have shut their doors in recent years—for proof, take a look at this collection of sad and beautiful images—but, as some of the larger chains have faded away, many smaller shops have opened up, catering to specific tastes and genres of music, making the experience of record shopping even more personal, friendly, and satisfying.

So, on Saturday, April 16th, independent record stores across the country and around the world will throw wide their doors and celebrate with special limited-edition releases, in-store performances, giveaways, and other fun surprises, all in the name of those wonderful, physical objects that spin round and round and make beautiful music: Records!

Ozzy Osbourne is this year’s ambassador, and he’s got a message for us.

I'm sorry I can’t be there Ozzy. If I could, I would definitely be looking for Nirvana’s “Hormoaning” 12”, Sonic Youth’s complementary “Whore’s Moaning” 12”, and others from Grinderman, Fleet Foxes, Deerhoof, Of Montreal, Akron Family, John Fahey, Skip James, and whatever else I could get my greedy, needy hands on. For lists of participating stores, special releases, and other info, visit the Record Store Day website.

Happy Record Store Day, everyone. Have fun for me, and shop wisely. Let me know what albums you picked up.

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Especially sad to see Toronto's iconic Sam the Record Man in there. Those big neon discs drew record buyers from all over.

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I am very happy to see you guys supporting this awesome event. I will definitely be spending several hours at Indianapolis' greatest record store LUNA Music

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There are a few great record stores you should check out while you are in Atlanta for AXPONA including the excellant Criminal Records in the Little Five Points area.

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Criminal Records and Wax N Facts are located in Little Five Points, less then three miles from AXPONA (165 Courtland Street NE. Atlanta, GA 30303), no need to miss any Record Store Day fun. Check out the dB's reunion @ 5:00 PM and over three hundred exclusive vinyl releases. Come hang out with us.

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Hi guys. Yes, I made sure to look into Atlanta's participating shops, and I found that they all look awesome. I just don't think I'll be able to get away from the hotel during the show.

criminal records: I ran into someone here at the hotel who may serve as a proxy for me, however!

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Sam's was the best. Especially at night, with the records spinning. That was Entertainment!

Sam's at Night

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You can't send a proxy to a record store - it isn't about buying it's about finding and no one else can do that for you.

Great pic tube guy - that sign looked so good at night.

Strangely enough there is a store called Criminal Records here in TO as well but my personal favorite these days is Rotate This on Queen West.

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When I lived up there I was always at Sam's.
I'd always leave there with the Sam the Record Man plastic bag just about busting at the seams.
No matter how fast the bus driver drove, it wasn't fast enough, I had to listen to my new found gems and listen NOW.

Then of course after what seemed an eternity of a bus ride from Sam's to my turntable, I spent ages agononizing over what to listen to first.
I have called the great city of Charlotte NC home for the last 15 or so years. Unfotunately, like many cities, Charlotte is now all but devoid of record stores. We have Manifest and Lunch Box - that I know of - I am hoping I have missed some, but not holding my breath.

Will be heading out to Lunch Box Records tomorrow for Record Store Day.
Wish I had a Sam the Record Man plastic bag to put my new found gems in!!

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So glad my record store in Salem MA is doing well, but I actually have been to all the ones in NY, Boston and the one in VA in that list.

I almost can't believe so many have died like this. I need to go buy something right now at my local store just to give them my vote and support!