Questyle QP1 and QP1 Pro Portable Players

With the demise of the iPod, the number of high quality portable players has jumped. Case in point are these two new players from Questyle. Both play DSD and Double DSD files along with about a dozen PCM formats up to 24/192. The players also feature the company's unique "current mode" headphone amplification.

Inside each is the same Cirrus Logic chip found in the Astell&Kern's AK240 and 8GB of stock internal memory. Two microSD slots allow you to seriously goose that meager storage to 256GB. Questyle also noted that these devices are made at the Foxconn plant where Apple makes their iPhones and claim that they will come in the same gold and "Space Grey" finishes as the Apple products. The QP1 looked gorgeous and did in fact match the finish on my grey iPhone 6.

Both models are prototypes but the QP1 is planned to be around $700 with the tweaked Pro model just under $1000. The QP1 should appear in a month or so.

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Your headlines a bit misleading Jon. " The demise of the I-pod ". Apple chose to discontinue the very popular and long running I-pod Classic but still offers other models of the I-pod.

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Why don't manufacturers just put 128 or 256 GB internally, and leave two slots for some real extra space.