PTE Phoenix and Muddy Waters

I walked into Muddy Waters. Folk Singer. But there was nothing muddy about it. The clarity, in fact, was intense. Muddy’s voice was big and present, full of texture; his guitar was similarly powerful.

I failed to note the model of the turntable (gah!), but I was pleased to see the MMMC-R phono preamp, reviewed by Michael Fremer in our October issue and measured by John Atkinson in February. The CD player was from Enlightened Audio Design.

Turning to more upbeat music, played through the EAD, I noted a detailed, dynamic, fast sound, with precise imaging and tight, muscular bass. This was through the smaller PTE Phoenix ($5400/pair), which combines three 130W power amplifiers, dual 6.5” mid-woofers, an electronic crossover, and EQ in a 75-lb box measuring 28” H by 12” W by 15” D. The imposing Statement loudspeaker ($44,000/pair) was also in this room, but I was too scared to stick around and listen to them.