PSB Alpha P5 loudspeaker Associated Equipment

Sidebar 2: Associated Equipment

Analog source: Linn Sondek LP12 turntable with Lingo power supply, Linn Ekos tonearm, Linn Arkiv B cartridge, Channel D Seta L phono preamplifier.
Digital sources: Roon Nucleus+ file server; Ayre Acoustics C-5xeMP universal player; PS Audio PerfectWave DirectStream D/A converter.
Power amplifiers: Lamm Industries M1.2 Reference (monoblocks).
Integrated amplifiers: NAD C 328, NAD M10.
Loudspeakers: Rogers LS3/5a, KEF LS50.
Cables: Digital: AudioQuest Vodka (Ethernet), DH Labs (1m, AES/EBU), Esperanto Audio (1m, S/PDIF). Interconnect: AudioQuest Wild Blue (balanced, with Lamms), Canare (single-ended, with NADs). Speaker: AudioQuest K2 (with Lamms), AudioQuest CV-6 (with NADs). AC: AudioQuest Dragon Source & High Current, manufacturers' own.
Accessories: 24"-high, single-pillar Celestion loudspeaker stands, Target TT-5 equipment racks; Ayre Acoustics Myrtle Blocks; ASC Tube Traps, RPG Abffusor panels; AudioQuest Niagara 5000 Low-Z Power/Noise-Dissipation System. AC power comes from two dedicated 20A circuits, each just 6' from breaker box.—John Atkinson

PSB Speakers International
633 Granite Court
Pickering, Ontario L1W 3K1
(905) 831-6555

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Other speakers in this price range include, JBL Stage A130 ($250/pair), Wharfedale D320 ($250/pair) and ELAC Debut 2.0 B5 ($250/pair) :-) ...........

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The new Marantz PM7000N streaming integrated-amp ($999) could be a good match for these speakers :-) ..........

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... in a network capable device for a $349 pair of speakers, would be the $300 Yamaha R-N303.

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Agreed ...... Seems like the HEOS (Denon) has more different products available, which the Marantz can connect wireless-ly :-) .........

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Denon DRA-800H ($499) with HEOS capability (and, with all the other bells and whistles) could also be another choice :-) ...........

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Another possibility is Denon HEOS digital integrated amp ($499) :-) ..........

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Hi John,

I have a couple pairs of speakers (Angstrom loudspeakers) where the tweeter is below the woofer. I have mine on 30" Sanus stands to bring the tweeter closer to ear level. I'm curious to know why you chose 24" stands for your tests? Aren't we supposed to follow the prescribed method of placing the tweeter at/near ear level when listening?

Thanks, Vish.

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Ichiban wrote:
I'm curious to know why you chose 24" stands for your tests? Aren't we supposed to follow the prescribed method of placing the tweeter at/near ear level when listening?

The intended listening axis for the P5 is with the ears level with the woofer. As I wrote in the review, "In conjunction with the drive units' acoustic polarities and the topology of the crossover . . . this unusual arrangement tilts up the main response lobe toward the listener's ears."

John Atkinson
Technical Editor, Stereophile

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May be Stereophile could review the new Lexicon SL-1 active, wireless speakers with 'steerable sound' technology ($40,000/pair) ........ KR mentions about them in one of his show reports ....... They are about the same price as Wilson Sasha DAW and less expensive than Wilson Alexia2 ......... Both the Wilsons require external power amps :-) ..........

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Five of the Lexicon SL-1s for surround sound ($100k) would cost less than a pair of Wilson Alexx speakers :-) .........

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You can always position them (PSB P5) upside down, if you don't like the way they sound :-) ........

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"...and the black woofer cone has a textured, woven-looking finish that's said to minimize cone breakup"

Really? My first reaction looking at the picture was to believe they used a carbon woven cone, usually for quite expensive drivers.
See for instance
So in fact, this is an old polypropylene cone made to look like an expensive carbon fiber one. The gist of "minimizing cone breakup" is disingenuous at best and smacks a made up excuse to cover their deception IMO.

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In the market for a neutral balanced mini monitor for natural sounding recordings. I wonder if anyone can comment on how these psb models compare? The Imagine mini has a better build quality, and probably better components. Alpha is slightly bigger. The room is not large ( about 18 x 10). Thanks for input-