Two Follow-Up Reviews: Dynaudio Focus 10 loudspeaker & Innuos Statement Music Server

The November 2023 issue of Stereophile included follow-up reviews of two products: the Dynaudio Focus 10 active loudspeaker and the Innuos Statement Music Server/Streamer.

Jason Victor Serinus reviewed Dynaudio's Focus 10 in Stereophile's February 2023 issue. He concluded that "designed as a 'complete wireless sound system,' the Focus 10 were the most musically satisfying one-stop playback solution he'd had the pleasure of hanging with." However, one aspect he wasn't able to audition was the loudspeaker's integration with Dirac Live room correction.

As I had some experience in using Dirac Live to optimize the balance of my KEF LS50 minimonitors, I set up the Dynaudios in my listening room and set to work. You can find my thoughts on their Dirac-corrected sound here.

Jason Victor Serinus reviewed the two-box Innuos Statement Music Server/Streamer in the magazine's April 2020 issue, when he wrote that it was able to do all of the things you would hope a server could do. It could play music from its internal SSD or an external NAS; stream music from several music-streaming services; and easily play and rip music from CDs inserted into its disc drive. He also liked that it allowed him to use either Roon or—for those who do not wish to subscribe to Roon or who don't need that program's rich feature set—the InnuOS app. However, he was concerned that the Innuos didn't sound better than the smaller and less expensive Roon Nucleus+ music server/streamer. He also had issues with the app.

Innuos addressed his concerns with its Statement NG. JVS found that the NG sounded superior both to the pre-NG Statement and the Roon Nucleus+. He also enthused over the rewritten InnuOS app. You can find his thoughts and conclusions here.