The October Issue . . . and "Recommended Components"

Hitting mailboxes, newsstands, and tablets today, the 204-page October Stereophile, offers 36 pages of audio equipment reports and the revised and updated "Recommended Components" listing. Featured on the cover is VPI's Prime Scout record player, reviewed by Art Dudley, who also offers auditions of speakers from Burwell and Wharfedale. Herb Reichert reviews the AMG Giro turntable, John Atkinson report on his time with KEF's Reference 5 loudspeaker, Robert Deutsch lives with PS Audio's Memory Player, and there are reviews of amplifiers from Dan D'Agostino, Rega, and Linear Tube Audio.

With Steve Guttenberg kicking the issue off by wondering what would the audio world have been like if the CD had failed a quarter century ago, the October 2017 Stereophile is a keeper!

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Dinosaur Jr.


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Sweet taste.

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I wonder if it is a stock pic or Stereophile pic.

I always wonder what record they are playing.

To paraphrase my favorite singer: "What's he playing in there?"

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"What's he building in there?" Mule Variations...

Or I am I off on that one?

I think that is a Stereophile pic, as the background is white... but just a hunch. Err, I take that back... the cart on there was not reviewed and not mentioned.

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One of my favorites of his.

It's like Dr. Seuss for the Outer Limits crowd.

Cheers, amigo!

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And it sounds amazing!

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We needed a much better music storage system than Fossil Fuel based Vinyl. Consumer & industrial pressure would've brought other options.

Vinyl was too limiting and far too expensive & polluting.

In this most recient Issue, we will find a recommendation for 161 Phono products that the World's 6 Billion Population will never even notice.

In my Vinyl Retailing days I had 3 to 4 Phono Carts, two or three Belt Drive Tables and one Arm to recommend. We sampled all the Phono stuff available and carefully pared down to the above few.

Vinyl has become an ULTRA niche for the "hair-shirted" Audiophile Class of monied obsessives. ( I was once one, I sold to this group, they averaged 2,000 Vinyls each ).

I just took a touring Japanese Group to see Jack White's Third Man Record store and Shinola Store that actually sells Bicycles and tries to offer a VPI record Player. I didn't see any Vinyl buying.

Hang in there Stereophile, there is another generation of music loving folks coming, their cloths will only have room for the iPhone 10 and a pair of wireless in ear monitors.

Lets let the road pavers have the fossil sludge that vinyl comes from, we need our Infrastructure rebuilt.

Tony in High & Dry Michigan

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Did you see them buy any bicycles?

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I manufacture bicycle related product, among a range of other injected-molding things.

Shinola does sell bicycles, quite a few, they are the trendy type of retro bikes from around the 1960 era design. They'll feature Brooks leather Saddles ( my favorite ), Shimano 8 Speed internal Hubs, full fenders and Steel Frames. They're nice bikes for City folks.

Shinola's main products seem to be Wrist Watches.

They have a small ( tiny ) room for the turntable & their bookshelf active loudspeaker, it sounds horrible but what can we expect from retail staff and Garage Sale Vinyl Albums?

All of rebuilt Detroit features the Rock & Roll ( R&B) Theme of Motown & Vinyl records. It's like a decoration ingredient that will be honored everywhere. Motown & Ford seems to be the only history that Detroit has to brag on. It's a tired History!

Tony in Michigan

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So, I take it you answer to my question is, "No."

You make injections molded stuff?

Out of what?

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vinyl pellets

by the way:

We also re-cycle Vinyl by chopping it up into tiny pieces or pellets, it makes a very nice colored part.

I'll be happy to recycle all your vinyl.

Tony in Michigan

ps. see, I need all those Garage Sale Vinyls to be thrown into the re-cycle bins for Waste Management to pick up and deliver to my shop in San Leandro, Ca.

I have "dark motives" to my Analog Vinyl mission.

[edit by JA]

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...yes, they are great, so great that I don't feel worthy to buy them. Sadly, I will have to live with my JLC master ultra thin and never wear the mighty Shinola.

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That must tell time really good!

Especially good if it's worth snob name dropping!

Hope it's digital and not that crap analog.

Timepieces are all about accurate objective measured performance.

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...a realist. I could go on and explain why, but I am not sure you would care for my explanation.

Like your avatar, BTW. I have a t shirt with the same statement.

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Vinyl is far too expensive & polluting.

Vinyl has become an ULTRA niche for the "hair-waxed" lycra wearing hipster class of monied bicycle obsessives.

I say, "Lets let the road pavers have the fossil sludge that vinyl comes from, we need our Infrastructure rebuilt."

I guess cycling is dead when all we see is hipsters dressing in fan boy spandex ad-wear for trendy products and buying bicycles from companies called "Shinola."

How many bikes did you Japanese tourists buy that visit? Guess that proves my point.


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You're drinking my Kool-aid

I give you full marks for lovely Satire.

Can I send you an Ultra-Spoke Wrench?


ps. Detroit is SUV Country, not bicycle like Portland.

ps. The Japanese didn't buy any Bicycle stuff, they read about Detroit being rebuilt and wanted to see it first-hand. Rebuilt Detroit is beautiful but doesn't have a resident population, it's like a Science Fiction Movie 'Ghost-Town' where everyone left.

ps. the Trendies are wearing Plaid Shirts, not spandex. Spandex was ages ago, how old are you?, a Grey Hair like me?? or even older yet???

It's plaid, cargo, beards & tats!

Of course, vinyl people (like us) are decades outa-touch, aren't we?

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I like to picture us all enjoying pints together!

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I quit Aug.7,1999 after consuming 5,000 Fifths over a 15 year period.

No going back for me, they won't even let me have pain meds for a back injury in April, ouch, I'm the addictive type. I was trying for a 500 bottle of Oxycontin. They wouldn't even give me a handful.

But, wife permitting, I'm always in for the enjoying.

Tony in Michigan,

trying to move to Florida before Oakwood Cemetery gets me (or the acid spitting, Analog Planet, Vinyl Police).

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It was a such a comprehensive review, that if anyone has questions after that, mercy on them! Thank you for covering aspects of momentum, touch and force once again.

The platter mat is very gaudy and it surprising that VPI doesn't go back to a badged emblem on their top or front.

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My copy arrived yesterday. I have been a subscriber since 1993!