Nordost & Cambridge Audio Seminar in Pittsburgh Saturday

Saturday, February 10, 10am–3pm, Northern Audio (3003 Babcock Boulevard, Pittsburgh, PA 15237) welcomes Mike Marko of Nordost Corporation and Bob Scranton of Cambridge Audio for their "2018 Audio Innovations" seminar. Mr. Marko will provide the latest product demonstrations and cable comparisons, while Mr. Scranton will present how the right gear makes music lovers' lives better.

According to Northern Audio, the workshop and their insight "will show how affordably priced, quality products can offer the most meaningful enjoyment of your music." Refreshments will be provided and prizes will be given away. Attendance to the event and parking are free. For registration info, visit Northern Audio's website or call Northern Audio's Mark Mawhinney at (412) 931-5850.

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I'd like to see another phono cable review with their mid-level offerings.. Not enough phono cable reviews recently. Another shoot-out from MF, please?