Nonetheless Lovely, Delicate, and Engaging

In a second Brooks Berdan room, we heard Aesthetix Atlas monoblocks driving a pair of Sonus Faber’s beautiful Amati Futura loudspeakers. An SME turntable equipped with a Benz Ruby Z phono cartridge spun the tunes, while an Aesthetix Rhea phono stage, Calypso preamp, and Cardas Clear cables and interconnects completed the system. Everything sat upon Grand Prix Audio stands and racks. Somewhat surprisingly, the sound was more literal and less lush than what we heard in the dCS/Wilson/VTL/Cardas room, but nonetheless lovely, delicate, and engaging.

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I have had Aesthetix front end gear for years and can attest to its beautiful level of music making, would love to have heard this combo with power amps by Jim and the Fabers. It sounds like it would be a excellent pairing.

Happy Listening!

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Frankly, I thought the Aesthetix - SF Amati Futura room downright embarrassed the much, much more expensive dCS/Wilson/VTL room next door.  Save Tens of Thousands, buy a library worth of records, and send a thank you note to Jim White!  cool  Nice coverage Stephen.