New Music: Zola Jesus’ “Seekir”

Zola Jesus - Seekir by sacredbones

Here’s a new track from Zola Jesus’ upcoming record, Conatus, to be released by Sacred Bones Records on October 4. The track is called “Seekir” and suggests a more polished sound for Miss Nika Rosa Danilova. Combining elements of goth, industrial, pop, opera, and noise, Danilova seems to still be searching for her voice, which is exactly as it should be for a 22-year old with an extremely promising future.

Let her keep searching. I'll follow wherever she goes.

volvic's picture

I think she might have found it....brilliant track. 



jonh's picture

definitely moving forwards after Stridulum 1 and 2 and getting loads of airplay at the mo. Lonelady gives her a real run for the moneycheeky!


brian.s's picture

Stephen, many thanks for enlightening me to this through your blog. Picked up Contatus as a result....Siouxie Sioux reincarnated for the 21st century....stimulating, soaring, enchanting....loving it.