Nagra PL-P preamplifier Associated Equipment

Sidebar 2: Associated Equipment

Source components were mainly the Ensemble Dichrono digital front-end, and the Symphonic Line RG-8 on the Forsell Air Force One. TARA Labs The One was draped to the left and right of the Nagra, and out to the Forsell Statement or the YBA Passion monoblocks, the YBAs in use for most of the evaluation period. The One speaker cable was also used between the YBAs and the JMlab Utopia loudspeakers. Power cords were Synergistic Reference AC Master Couplers.

The Nagra PL-P is a small aluminum box with a particular resonant frequency. "Decouple it as much as possible," suggested importer Steve Lee. Good advice. The Nagra was enthroned atop a Signature ClampRack (nothing clamped, however) and supported on a trio of Harmonix RFS-65 Small Tuning Feet set on a Golden Sound Pad, this in turn set on a Bright Star Little Rock 2.

Oh yes...Shun Mook Mpingo discs on the preamp's immaculate top plate seemed made to order.—Jonathan Scull

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