NAD’s D Series offers beauty and brains

I’ve mentioned NAD’s VISO HP50 headphones, but the company was also showing their new, smart-looking D Series digital components. From left: D 1050 USB DAC ($449), D 3020 digital DAC/integrated amp ($399), and D 7050 digital network receiver ($899).

Clearly, NAD’s D Series products represent a radical departure from the company’s traditional look and feel. Greg Stidsen, NAD’s director of product development, explained that these new digital products aren’t merely meant to appeal to younger listeners, but fulfill NAD’s desire to offer a product more in tune with the times. “We’re trying to create a component audio system for the future,” said Stidsen.

Featuring sleek industrial design by David Farrage, input selection for each unit is accessed via the touch-sensitive side panels, which also act as displays—there are no buttons or recesses to be found.

The D 1050 USB DAC handles resolutions up to 24-bit/192kHz and includes coaxial, Toslink, AES/EBU inputs, single-ended and balanced outputs, and a headphone output with volume control. The D 3020 digital DAC/amp, whose name indeed alludes to NAD’s renowned 3020 integrated amplifier, combines a 30Wpc amp with asynchronous 24-bit/96kHz DAC, aptX Bluetooth streaming capabilities, coax and optical inputs, a subwoofer out, headphone amp, and remote. Finally, the D 7050 UPnP network receiver uses NAD’s Direct-Digital technology, is rated to deliver 50Wpc into 8 ohms, and offers an asynchronous USB input, AirPlay, WiFi, Ethernet, and aptX Bluetooth functionality. Sweet: beauty and brains.

For a better look, visit Michael Lavorgna's AudioStream.

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British ? funny I thought Lenbrook was Canadian ? . If they are British owned that might explain the huge difference in retail prices from U.S.A to here in Canada ! the Canadian dollar is at par and has been for quite some time with the U.S dollar yet the price of  the entry level NAD cd player $300 in U.S.A is $450 in Canada with a hey buddy I like your shoes deal of $399 ! . Don't get me wrong NAD makes nice stuff  but it isn't a great value in Canada as it appears to be elsewhere on our lil granite planet .

NAD C515 BEE 300 usd 450 cdn

NAD C546 BEE 500 usd 700 cdn

things that make you go hmmmm

Lenbrook shame on you for the imaginary list prices in Canada !

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Remember these electronic devices have to pay State taxes, depending where they have to go. And probably a federal tax to go into the US. Plus no one's shipping it anywhere for free, so that all adds up too.

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Sorry, guys. This confusion is my fault. When I said NAD was "British," my tired mind was thinking back to the 3020, which was released by NAD when it was still operated in London. The company was purchased by Lenbrook and moved to Canada in 1999. I visited with members of Lenbrook, in Ontario, just last year.

Duh: No beauty or brains on my part. Sorry about the confusion.

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like most things in Canada despite the USD and CAD being par or almost we in Canada pay a premium more. NAD company is in Canada so the product is in a box and is shipped from Canada to US. YET it is $150 less retail in the US. If I buy the product in US it has no warranty at a Canadian NAD dealer. ITS the same product!  I like the product but do you smell profit ripoff somewhere in this story.