Musical Fidelity

I ended Saturday's incredibly packed tour of the 15 rooms on the Marriott Tower's 10th floor with a stop in Musical Fidelity's room. It was a good choice. This was the first room at the show where I pulled out Channel Classics' superbly recorded hybrid SACD of the Ebony Band Amsterdam performing a unique arrangement of Revueltas' elemental, gutsy, phantasmagorical Sensemaya. The sense of air was immense, with amazing soundstaging that belied the small size of the room. I also loved the height of the soundstage, and the deep reaches of the bass. But as much as I savored the presentations' air and depth, this hardly laid-back system sounded a bit tipped-up in the highs, a common factor in many of the smaller rooms at the Marriott.

Paired with Verity Amadis loudspeakers ($29,995/pair) were Musical Fidelity's AMS CD player ($8999), AMS Primo tube preamplifier ($10,999), and the AMS50 50Wpc true class-A power amplifier ($13,999). Transparent Audio cable completed the chain.

Monty's picture

I always liked the blue background in the older 70's stuff. Still, I like knobs over the sleek, recessed, push-button ergonomics. Even the auto manufacturers are bringing back the analog gauges and knobs. I gotta hand it to MF, are they on a roll or what?!

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I thought Sam Tellig was MF's US distributor.Just kidding- keep up the good work !