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DigiBit, Calle de Asura 81, 28043 Madrid, Spain. Tel: (34) 91-533-42-50. Web: US distributor: Source Systems, Ltd., San Clemente, CA 92672-6000. Tel./Fax: (949) 369-7729. Web:

Sharp Electronics. Tel: (800) 237-4277. Web:


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The Seattle Symphony site only provides links to Amazon and iTunes downloads. I've found surround sound FLAC files at Primephonic and Highresaudio, but am wondering whether those are my only options. The Primephonic site is much cheaper, but does not specify that the 5.1 files are 24/96.

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The 5.1 FLAC files can be accessed at hiresaudio by clicking on the FLAC option and noting the dropdown list.

At the Primephonic site, the default is WAV but it, too, is a dropdown which shows the FLAC 5.1 option.

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Thanks! I found those, but am a bit confused about the Primephonic downloads. They list the 2-channel FLAC files as 24/96 but don't say the same for the surround FLAC files. I'd rather order from them since their prices are considerably lower than the Hiresaudio prices, but Highresaudio specifies that their surround sound fles are 24/96. I've also found them on the Classicalshop, but I'm not sure they sell to USA customers. I've got questions in to Primephonic and Classicalshop, but no replies as yet.

By the way, we are Seattle Symphony subscribers, and it will be interesting to hear these new recordings of pieces we heard in concert. Unfortunately we did not hear any of the Dutilleux.

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I hope they give you the answers you need and that you will post the responses here for others. I also made an inquiry with my press contact from the SSO.

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Thanks, I'll let you know what I find out.

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The Classicalshop responded that they do sell to USA customers. They point out on their site that if you buy the surround sound download they include all other available versions, including MP3, Cd quality, and 24/96 stereo.

Primephonic responded that their Seattle Symphony surround sound files are indeed 24/96, and that they analyze incoming files, creating a spectrogram, to make sure that they originate from high resolution recordings: "Audio files that produce spectrogram not matching with the delivered description are dismissed."

I think I'll buy a couple of the recordings from Primephonic, which has better prices than the Classicalshop and Highresaudio.