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Marantz America, 100 Corporate Drive, Mahwah, NJ 07430-2041. Tel: (201) 762-6500. Fax: (201) 762-6670. Web:
Mytek Digital, 144 India Street, First Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11222. Tel: (347) 384-2687. Fax: (212) 202-5331. Web:
Oppo Digital, 2629 Terminal Boulevard, Suite B, Mountain View, CA 94043. Tel: (650) 961-1118. Web:


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Dr. Rubinson:

Thanks for your column in Stereophile, which I always read before any other part of the magazine; I wish it appeared every month.


I have a multichannel system that includes an Oppo BDP-105 and a Marantz AV8003 preamp, however I have been experimenting with a setup that omits the Marantz, using the Oppo as preamp. It has enough inputs for my system, and I don’t like using Audyssey.  So far, my feeling is that the system sounds better without the Marantz.


I understand that you have Paradigm speakers in one of your systems.  My front left & right speakers are Paradigm Reference Signature S8 v3.  I’ve had these for about a year, and love them.  I suggest you consider reviewing them for Stereophile.  Around the time I auditioned them, I also listened to Sonus Faber Liuto, B&W 803 Diamond, B&W 802 Diamond, and Revel Ultima Studio2.  The caveat is that all these speakers were in different systems and rooms, however the Paradigms were an easy choice, with a much more natural sound than the others.

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I have downloaded some free samples of DSD files, stereo and multichannel.  I copied them to a USB flash drive, and plugged it into my Oppo BDP-105.  The Oppo had no problem playing them and they sound great.  One of them was a Vivaldi sample from 2L.  I was able to compare it to an SACD disc with the same recording.  I could hear no difference between the downloaded file and the SACD disc playback.  Both sounded great.

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The current Oppo 105 official release firmware allows gapless playback of wav files.

Convert your dsd files to wav and enjoy gapless playback. Ignore anecdotal nonsense claiming 'my files sound better in dsd than wav', and just enjoy.

Oppo notes that their gapless playback feature will be further developed, so look forward to more formats being covered.