Music Hall and Audioengine at Urban Outfitters

I was sort of surprised when I saw that Urban Outfitters, the hipster home and apparel shop, had started selling LPs. I was more surprised to learn that they had a headphone listening station—you can actually walk into the store with your iPod and audition a bunch of headphones. But now Urban Outfitters is carrying Music Hall turntables and Audioengine powered loudspeakers. I really like this.

The Music Hall USB-1 turntable and Audioengine’s powered loudspeakers make a quick, versatile, musically engaging, and great-looking system, compatible with both analog and digital media. I wrote about the system in our May 2011 issue. After hearing it at my place, my friend Natalie decided she would buy her own. The Music Hall USB-1 and Audioengine A5 loudspeakers have been the center point of many of Natalie and Nicole’s parties. Natalie loves the system more every day, and her record collection continues to grow.

I was able to help Natalie when she decided to purchase her first system, but maybe Urban Outfitters can do that same job for thousands of other young listeners.

tom collins's picture

that is so cool.  have you noticed that you start to see turntables in ads on tv now, but not yet ads for turntables.  saw one the other night, i don't remember the product, but i almost turned the volume back on.  it was on one of fox's comedies aimed at a young, urban demographic.  also on shows aimed at the same folks, on fringe, walter sometimes plays his tt, house has a sota tt that i only saw played once, but it has always been part of the set - wouldn't you love to buy that one when the show goes off the air this spring even just as a collectable.  there was a short-lived show with shattner that featured a turntable on the set.  resistence is futile.

when this sort of thing gets outside of the specialty mags, you know it's got some bite.  i just hope it does not drive up the price of our beloved used records.


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Does this turntable make my butt look big?

Stephen Mejias's picture

Especially in white. Fortunately, high-gloss black is also available.

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This is really amazing because so many don't know what a turntable is but the fact that we are seeing them pop up in ads and in other places makes us wonder if they would make a comeback and why they would.



Turntables and records are being seen more and more in ads on television and in stores like Urban Outfitters and many think it's about time, but personally I believe that it is the wrong answer.

MikeMercer's picture

This is EXACTLY what I've been writing about - it terms of the different thinking, the sexier marketing approach, putting Hifi back out there as lifestyle products!!

GREAT report Stephen, as ALWAYS - did you catch my piece in The Daily Swarm on stuff like this????

I was planning on covering this too, SO glad to see it here!!


BRAVO brother, BRAVO!!

Stephen Mejias's picture

Thanks, Mike.  I haven't seen your article in the Daily Swarm yet, but I'll check it out.  Post a link, if you like.

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