MrSpeakers Introduces AEON Over-Ear Sealed Headphone

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I've kvetched quite a bit about the need for some killer headphones in the $500-$1000 price range. Seems like headphone makers just jumped by that price category in an ever more intense race to the top...of your willingness to break your wallet. Looks like we're going to get some relief from MrSpeakers.

The newly announced AEON is a sealed, over-ear, planar magnetic headphone that will be sold for $799. I've only had a couple of days to listen and measure, but I'm impressed. The AEON will definitely get a review.

Again, I've had very little listening time, but the big question in my head is whether or not these cans are actually better than the Ether C and Ether C Flow. I don't know yet, but I can tell you it's close. When I mentioned to Dan Clark, CEO and Founder of MrSpeakers, that I thought the new AEON might cannibalize sales of their more expensive sealed model, he responded:

...we’re committed to pricing based on our COGS (cost of goods sold), I believe this is not only great for the consumer, but also a more aggressive and sustainable platform for our growth, as it doesn’t leave competitors an easy way to undercut us...


This is the smart play: Even if you don't have much competition, price your products based on costs and reasonable ratios, and not on what you think the market will bare. This ensures that consumers will share in the profit of the product by receiving high value for their money spent; and will also make it tough for competitors to deliver similar value to consumers at that price point. A competitive market will get you there eventually anyway, why not start there and make it hard for competitors right off the bat. Well done, MrSpeakers!

Here's the measurements:

Blog_AEONintro_Graphs Click on graph image to view .pdf.

The AEON will go on sale today at 5PM PST. In this thread, Dan says that the first 250 units will get a $100 discount and be sold at $699. Might be worth jumping on this one.

Unfortunately, I'll get no more time listening to the AEON as they need to be returned today. Fortunately for InnerFidelity readers in the greater New York area, they're going back to Dan so he can take them to CanJam New York this weekend. Want a listen for yourself? Here's the details for CanJam NYC2017.

Wish I was going. :(