Mizik Preamp/DAC/Streamer/Server/ADC System

Here is a tentative newcomer to the US from Madrid, Spain and parent company Wadax, and I'm hedging because the potential distributor said they were showing these to "probe the market" for a possible mid-2015 launch. The Mizik system comprises three modules, at $3,500 each, that stack either vertically or horizontally to form a complete system. The styling is obviously unique and the displays auto-rotate depending on which direction you stack them.

The first unit is the dPlay preamp/DAC with USB and SPDIF inputs handling PCM or DSD and both balanced and unbalanced analog outs. There is also a "Mizik Link" jack on each component for system hookups. The next unit is the dVin phono stage and ADC for adding vinyl, tape or radio to the system. The last piece is the dStream streamer/server which includes a 2.5 inch bay for SSD storage as well as wired and wireless networking.

These products are stunning to look at and touch and I'll be curious to see if they can find a market here.

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They were shown at the high end in Munich last year for $2000 and now still not available!