Merlin Music Systems

Merlin Music Systems’ Bobby Palkovic is having a better time than ever, and you could tell by the sound in his room, which was remarkably tuneful, engaging—neither too forward nor too laidback—and, most of all, fun.

“I like to take things to an end, and now I’ve gotten to a point where I’m beyond happy,” Palkovic said of his Master VSM loudspeaker ($13,600/pair), which are now wired with Cardas Clear cable.

Adding to Palkovic’s pleasure is his new relationship with digital music: He was sending signals from a MacBook Pro, running iTunes via Pure Music, to Wavelength’s Cosecant DAC—a process with which he’s become increasing familiar and increasingly fond. Driving the speakers was an Ars Sonum Grand Filarmonia integrated amp. Cardas Clear cables, interconnects, and power cords tied things together.

As I listened to the music, which was also marked by impressive dynamic range and had voices that seemed to be right there in the room with us, I understood why Palkovic was so happy.

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Interesting system, but I am sure Johnny on the swing will soon complain about it...

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On behalf of Bobby P @ Merlin, thanks for stopping by the room and the nice comments on the sound. We had a great time @ RMAF this year and are very happy with the performance of the Wavelength Cosecant with our gear.

Rich (Offical Merlin helper/consultant/music-pc assembler/etc) smiley

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Have always liked the Merlin sound and look.

No over indulgence just utilitarian design and function.