MBL’s Corporate Video: “The Music Lover”

MBL, the German manufacturer of lavishly constructed high-end gear, has been working hard to reinvigorate their corporate image, strengthening their bonds with existing customers while reconnecting with music enthusiasts in North America. Today the company releases its new corporate video.


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Using headphones at a presumably loud level to sniff out the veracity of the complaint, the fact that the shop owner can't hear even a faint hint of the cracking sound, is a real stretch to the imagination. Doesn't do much for MBL's image either.

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CD ???  That is so 1997 !

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 Seriously man !?!? You make me laugh ! 

 So let me ask you .If I listen on vinyl am I so 1937 or maybe even more outdated ?

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mbl gear is without a doubt some of the best audio gear on the planet. German engineering at it's best.

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that I posted this video a few months ago.

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  Nice video at first sight but since this is aimed only for audiophiles and music lovers ,some things are not wright.It does look fun  And German precision is absent in some regards . 

  I'm a music lover I can say that much .Am I audiophile or not is irelevant .I guess with my set up someone will say I'm not ,since its budget oriented compared to mbl stuff 

  I hope that alot of people out there would have a chance to own mbl ,me personally I only had a chance to hear mbl on demo instore or on audio shows ,so not the best enviorment . Still ,watching this video I can say "wow nice room ,decent size ,I can put some nice acoustical treatment in here .ANd the house ,well that I really liked .Solid ,big house ,most probably upscale mantion in Germany ,Austria or something .

 So here we are "the music lover" in a nice house / big property ,atractive girl from who he got the cd ,gets so annoyed from that crack ... Someone help me out !!! I'm not a recording expert but can you really hear that kind of noise so upfront and clear  (in case if its really captured on the recording ) ??? Anyone out there much "smarter" ,maybe Stereophile staff ???

 The guy  listens in a empty room ,no acoustical tretments and  the equipment is kinda on the floor !!! Really is that how mbl pictures the future owners ,or maybe they cannot put in their video something for ex. like Finite Element racks or some nice acoustical treatments from few established brands .Actually that might be ad for those so we accept that fact. Ok now .The cd store has Marantz gear ,bit older ,I think the 6000 series,and there even worst than in the music lovers home ,the "poor" Marantz cd player sits on top of the integrated cramed in a tight space and most importantly doesent  "get" the all important crack !!! The " music lover "is upset and goes for the live performance  Wow ,mbl wins ok everybody go out now and buy mbl now !!! But maybe I wanna go with dCS ,Halcro,Dynaudio combo .No ,mbl is the real deal if you wanna hear the crack and nothin else and loosers listen on older marantz gear badly positioned.Haahaha !!! So not true. But the character of the "music lover " is kinda cool ,the crack noise is bothering him so much ,well maybe he is real audiohile ! 

 Its all fun and games at the end and people really do treat your gear with respect ,put them on proper racks and stands and in nice room with decent acoustics as well,oh and clean power supply ! Dont forget nice cables and few accesories that do make a huge difference .Thats my message ,just in case .You know what I'm saying! 

 p.s I'm not sayin mbl is not good ,not at all ! Hey who knows maybe they are the best ,at least for some ears . And ofcourse I'm not comparin Marantz with mBl ,which is not fair ,but I'm shure that Marantz has alot of happy owners out there ,maybe even in greater number than mbl  ,due to its affordability and long time presence in the hi fi hood . 

  Cheers to all music lovers or audiophiles or even those that think cd is so  1997,like one of the above dudes that posted  ! 

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..."Music Lover" is intended as sarcasm?



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Ciao from Italy.  When I owned a restaurant, ball-busters like this guy used to drive me crazy.  This is kind of asshole who sends wine back to impress his 25 year old hedgefund buddies and their lame girlfriends.  This crap gives audio nuts like us a bad name.  

Whew.  That felt good.

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LMAO! :-)

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Ha! only the MBL rig can suss out the snap! but that's the problem, it's not about sussing out the snap, it's about rolling with it and enjoying....geesh. Fun video though!