MartinLogan Aerius loudspeaker If You Can't Wait...

Sidebar 2: If You Can't Wait...

To sum up the MartinLogan's pluses: looks the business; sets the soul of music free; works well in small rooms near the rear wall; superb integration between the disparate drive-units; seamless overall balance; transparent, timbre-true midrange; well-extended, well-defined lows; excellent depth and retrieval of recorded ambience; costs less than Wilson WATTs/Puppies; not for Red Hot Chili Peppers fans.

Minuses: mid-treble has tendency to glare at high levels; high treble shelved down; tape hiss accentuated; won't go very loud without strain; unkind to overcooked recordings; image focus good rather than excellent; costs more than a pair of PSB Alphas; might lead you to upgrade your front-end and amplification to the detriment of your disposable income; not for Red Hot Chili Peppers fans.—John Atkinson

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..I’ve rotated my Aerius i’s from primary 2-ch to my HT. They are great paired with the Cinema center channel. One of the panels died about 9 yrs ago so I ordered a pr from ML and replaced both...pretty much plug and play. They really are an incredible speaker given their modest price.