Marching Onward & Upward

"48 pages of Audio Component Reviews" proudly proclaims the skyline on the cover of the March Stereophile, hitting newsstands, mailboxes, and tablets this week. DeVore Fidelity's Gibbon X graces the cover and is reviewed in depth inside by Jim Austin. DeVore's flagship speaker heads an impressive list of gear evaluated inside, from Shure, Spendor, Q Acoustics, KEF, Musical Fidelity, Rogue, Chord, Hegel, EMM Labs, Grandinote, Grado, Ortofon, Miyajima, Mutech, and Roon.

To kick things off, Jason Victor Serinus examines the state of audio shows in North America and Ken Micallef wraps the issue up with a review of classic and ground-breaking John Coltrane recordings from 1963.

And with high-end newsstands fewer on the ground these days, you can always find Stereophile at Barnes & Noble.

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"There is no business like (audio) show business" .......... Irving Berlin :-) ..........

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It is like 'show and sing' :-) ..........

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These Shows are becoming "Institutional" type Advertising that various outfits need to do to keep their Brand Visible.

I organized an 1985 Audio Show in the Detroit Area which was already well past Home Audio's Prime years of 1960's to 1980ish.

I haven't heard this one's consumer attendance numbers, yet. ( anyone know ? )

I imagine the Event another flop, I hope I'm wrong but record player people being the Show's "higher-authority" is getting off on the Wrong Foot.

If the organizers get a percentage ( like they're supposed to ) they'll hit their break even point. The Exhibitors pay for the entire Event.

( hiring HR & Steve G to sign Autographs would've been the biggest draw & something I certainly would have tried to arrange )

Tony in Michigan