Luxman EQ-500 phono preamplifier Associated Equipment

Sidebar 2: Associated Equipment

Analog Sources: Garrard 301 turntable; EMT 997 tonearm; EMT OFD 15 & TSD 15, Shindo Laboratory SPU pickup heads; Miyajima Premium BE Mono II cartridge.
Digital Sources: Halide Designs DAC HD USB D/A converter; Apple iMac G5 computer running Audirvana Plus 1.5.12; Sony SCD-777ES SACD/CD player.
Preamplification: Hommage T2 step-up transformer, Shindo Laboratory Masseto preamplifier.
Power Amplifiers: Shindo Laboratory Corton-Charlemagne (monoblocks) & Haut-Brion (stereo).
Loudspeakers: Altec Valencia, DeVore Fidelity Orangutan O/96.
Cables: USB: Wireworld Revelation 2.0. Interconnect: Audio Note AN-Vx, Shindo Laboratory Silver. Speaker: Auditorium 23. AC: manufacturers' stock cords.
Accessories: Box Furniture Company D3S rack (source & amplification components), Audiodesksysteme Gläss Vinyl Cleaner.—Art Dudley

Luxman Corp.
US distributor: On a Higher Note LLC
PO Box 693
San Juan Capistrano, CA 92693
(949) 488-3004

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I have been keeping my eye on this baby and figured if it went unremarked upon, I might find one on the cheap.

So, Art, thanks for ruining my plan!

It would have worked, too, if not for that meddling reviewer.


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Don't the extra switches such as hi cut, low cut, mono/stereo, phase invert subtract from the transparency of the unit?