Lust-worthy: Bang & Olufsen Beocord 9000 cassette deck

Jeff Joseph of Joseph Audio introduced me to this beautiful cassette deck; I spotted the pic at

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Looks like a fine machine. And HX Pro appeared first on Beocords.

I didn't know they made one with full automatic calibration. The most I recall seeing on others was a test tone you could invoke, to record it and compare playback or some such.

I could never justify most Naks, because everything High Fidelity or Stereo Review told me was that they were calibrated for Nakamichi blanks---pricey and not available from my local record and tape store.

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What a great trip down memory lane.  I first saw this line of B&O electronics back in 1980.  I was all of 20 years old.  I (along with my soon to be wife) was given a great demo along with great, HUGE, brochure to take home.  I remember telling my wife we would someday one that system.  Five years later I ended up buying it!  I still have the brochure (along with the wife!), but sold the system many years ago.